Teresa Murta

Teresa Murta (Lisbon, 1993) lives and works in Berlin.

Through her paintings, Teresa Murta delves into the realms of the fantastic, the absurd and the poetic metamorphosis of the real. Intuitively, the artist weaves together elements from both the artificial and natural worlds, offering viewers a gateway into alternate realities that beckon to be explored.

Highlights of recent exhibitions include: One Second Plan, Galeria BRUNO MÚRIAS (Lisbon, 2024); Purple Haze, But Better Together, Tabula Rasa Gallery, (London, 2023); Aftermath, Mazzoli Gallery (Berlin, 2023); Fishnet, Instituto Camões (Berlin, 2022); (0/1) O Zero e o Um, Natural History and Science Museum (Lisbon, 2022); Que te seja leve o peso das estrelas, Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Coimbra (Coimbra, 2022); Airbag, Galeria Aldama Fabre (Bilbao, 2021); Whistle, Whistle, Galeria Nave (Lisbon, 2021), among others.