Henrique Pavão

Henrique Pavão (Lisbon, 1991) lives and works in Lisbon.

His work is focused on issues of entropy, loss, anachronism, story-telling and temporality, reflecting an interest and use of the archaeology of conceptual movements, connected to a sophisticated, poetical and cinematic use of processes. His work circles through different media (sculpture, film / video, photography and sound) often with a concern for each medium’s specific processes and mechanisms, taken as the mark of its temporality or even its history.

Pavão has studied Sculpture in Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon and obtained his Masters in Fine Arts from the Malmö Art Academy in 2016 (Professor Joachim Koester). He received grants from FLAD (2022), Marcelino Botín Foundation (2021), Royal Academy of Arts Stockholm (2016), and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (2015). In 2016, he was awarded with the Edstrandska Stiftelsens Prize and shortlisted for the Novo Banco Revelação Award from the Serralves Foundation. In 2019, Pavão was shortlisted for the 13th edition of the EDP Foundation’s New Artists Award.

The following exhibitions can be highlighted: Itinerarios XXVIII  (Botín Centre, Santander, 2023), Oxymoron (Kindred Spirit, Lisbon, 2023), The.D.E.A.D.Man (Appleton Box, Lisbon, 2022), Sea of Tranquility (Frame Section – Frieze New York, 2021), RED FLOWER (Galeria Bruno Múrias, Lisbon, 2021),  Prémio Novos Artistas Fundação EDP (MAAT – Museu de Arte Arquitetura e Tecnologia, Lisbon, 2019), Unfinished Past (revisited) (CAV – Centro de Artes Visuais, Coimbra, 2020), Depois do Estouro (Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2019), Almodôvar Mirror-Site (SE8 Gallery, London 2019), Now I Became Aged (UMA LULIK_, Lisbon, 2018), Anozero – Bienal de Coimbra (Coimbra, 2017), antes e depois de antes (Culturgest, Porto, 2017), Wherever I am not is the Place Where I am Myself (Appleton Square, Lisbon, 2017), Fallen Between Cracks (KHM Gallery, Malmö, 2016) and at the Royal Academy of Arts (Stockholm, 2016), among others.

Pavão’s work is represented in institutional collections such as Portuguese State Contemporary Art Collection; MAAT / EDP Foundation Collection; EGEAC/CML Collection; Rialto6 Collection; Santander Consumer Collection; MACE – António Cachola Collection; Leal Rios Foundation, among others.