Duraciones presents three works by Pablo Accinelli. Clip chains falling from the ceiling until touching the floor compose one of them. A padlock and its own key tension each chain, while the location of those keys points a particular space division, in its every 10 cm. This way, 46 lines fill the gallery’s 460 cm of height and found a scale that measures the space both horizontally and vertically.

In the middle of this metric landscape we find two wood circles with 151,9 cm of diameter, whose size is given by the union of a whole pack of playing cards. 4 pvc pipes cut at 45º come out from both sides of each circle. The pipes, as they are presented, suggest different forms. Looking like drainage channels, wheel bolts or industrial wheel cranks, it is a brunch of images that amplifies the possibilities of the landscape we see.

If our perception of things and space are much influenced by the understanding of certain modules that are constantly repeated, the exhaustive and almost obsessive repetition that the artist applies to all the objects here (clips, cards, padlocks and keys) expresses exactly this way of inhabiting the space and also brings a set of recurrent references in the artist work (the concrete poetry, the birth of cinema, the waiting as a thought-generating practical activity).

Duraciones repeats the title of several artworks that Accinelli has worked on in the recent years: Duración interna / Duración externa. They pretend to show that the objects are always, in its quiescence, in internal motion and, because of this, they are in every moment exhibiting only a possible state among others; the idea is that duration is a constant present.

Maria Joana Vilela