Vera Mota

Vera Mota (Porto, 1982) lives and works in Porto.

The artist’s practice, rooted in performance, sculpture, and drawing, grants particular attention to the economy of the presence, effort and action. Identified with minimalist principles, her work seeks to create new spaces for objects and the participation of the body. Through exercises that often point to a conflict between a quest for order and a simultaneous fascination with the possibilities of error and accident, Mota, by means of simple actions and combinations, highlights the physical qualities of carefully selected materials, chosen for its specificities, which influence or even determine the production of the work.

The works of Vera Mota have been featured in exhibitions such as Disembodied (Serralves Foundation, 2022), From the midst of things (L21 Gallery, 2022), Ventriloquism (Galeria Bruno Múrias, 2021), The body borrows a revolver (Casa das Artes, Porto, 2021), Floating Bones (Centro de Artes de Águeda, 2020), Heads (Eva International – Ireland’s Biennial, 2018), Curva Contínua (Museu de Serralves, 2018), Guerra como Modo de Ver(MACE, Elvas, 2018), Variations portugaises (Centre d’Art Contemporain, Meymac, 2018), What is the color when black is burned? (SESC São Paulo, 2014), SCHEMA (Appleton Square, 2012), im- (Matadero, Madrid, 2009), among others.

Her work is part of important collections such as Portuguese State Contemporary Art Collection – CACE; Serralves Foundation Collection; PLMJ Collection; António Cachola Collection– MACE; Ilídio Pinho Collection and Centro de Arte Oliva – Norlinda e José Lima Collection.